The day the world went away


There’s no image to go with this blog. I had the hardest time, at first deciding why the hell Nine Inch Nails went with the image of a snake in the sand, sidling away as the main image of the video for their song ‘The Day the World Went Away’.  I kinda get it now: it’s not that there should BE any one symbol – it’s that ‘the world’ is something DIFFERENT for each of us. The end of your world is NOT the end of mine. The end of MY world is ( I hope to God) not the end of yours.  A day will come, I’m certain, for everyone alive then, when the End of the World will in fact BE the end of everyone’s world – except, or course, when that happens, no one will be absolutely certain that this is the last gasp for everyone.

We all seem to spend a lot of angst, over something that we not only CAN’T know, but which Christians take as a matter of faith is UNKNOWABLE! (MOST christians, that is; various sects have insisted that THEY knew exactly when the end of the world would come … except, the predicted date came and went, and MOST people of that faith went their way and found a DIFFERENT faith, but enough remained to found the Seventh Day Adventists.)

I’m writing on wordpress, because, when I write on social media, it’s usually that I’ve been pissed-off by some wildly conservative folks, and at that point I usually am drunk enough to say what I actually mean — That is rarely a very diplomatic post, though it’s usually an extremely CLEAR one, even if it IS heavy on the vitriol!

The next day, of course, I’m ashamed — not because of anything I said, but because I said it while dead drunk, and OFTEN added barbs into it that I’d have resisted, had I been sober.

You can’t win arguments, you can’t convince opponents, when your argument is CHOCK FULL of disdain, and axide (along with, yeah, booze).  I know this, because I’ve nearly always been lured into it by people slinging disdain, hate, and acid.

You know how MOST extremists, left or right, approach arguments? It’s to make fun of their opponents then claim THEY won, because the opponent took the bait and engaged with the irrelevant argument put forward, OR, ignored the bait, then were accused of not answering a debate point.  I happen to think the Right does it the most, but, hey, some people on the Left do it too, so what’s the harm?


There are PLENTY of people on the Left that exhibit this behavior. I’m ASHAMED of them and really wish they’d embrace someone ELSE’S crusade, because there are people you don’t want in your Foxhole, ever!  There are WAY more people on the right who do this, and they ALL deserve to get their comeuppance — except they WON’T, of course, because THEY are the only people they acknowledge as being right.



~ by dourscot on August 23, 2017.

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