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An article on CNN Online says that Trump, and his increasingly rabid supporters are angry at Fox News because it isn’t Ultra-Conservative enough!  Another commentator described Trumps backers as “desperate people ready to back any megalomaniac …”

Have you ever wondered how one of the most enlightened countries in the world could have freely chosen to put Hitler in power? Well look around – this is how!

‘Desperate’ is a pretty accurate description of the enormous mass of ultra-conservatives in America. Most of them are on the low end of the income scale and they’re angry about it. They live with increasing crime, and they’re angry about that. (Ok, it’s not actually increasing, but the constant TV coverage makes it seem like it is.) They constantly hear from the media that the economy is headed for a melt-down, and they’re angry about that. And every time they open their mouths, no matter what comes out, some minority group is going to take offense, and they’re incredibly angry about that!

Ask a Trump supporter what’s so great about Trump. Seriously, they aren’t hard to find, so go ask one. I’ll wait.

I will bet pretty much anything that the answer you got was some variant on “He says what’s on his mind!”

The vast majority of Trump supporters aren’t well educated. They feel like the Government no longer gives a damn about them. They’re frustrated that no one in Washington seems able to get anything done (completely ignoring the fact that every time someone tries to get something done, it’s the obstructionist Ultra-Conservatives that derail things.) They’ve been told Obamacare will ruin their lives and destroy the republic, and every attempt by their ultra-conservative senators and congressmen to repeal it has failed. Worst of all, nearly all of them are white, and they feel that for the last 50 years they’ve been blamed for everything!

That last little bit, I can sort of understand … if I said “blacks are” whatever, I’d be rightly accused of racism:  a generic statement about an entire race is, by definition, racist. If I said “women are” whatever, I’d be rightly accused of sexism, because a generic statement about an entire gender is, by definition, sexist.

But many black activists have no problem making sweeping statements about whites – and, if you call them on it, they behave like black people can’t be racist. Many feminist activists make sweeping statements about men, and, if you call them on it, they behave like women can’t  be sexist. A lot of people look at Affirmative Action, and feel that, even if it was needed once, it isn’t needed any more, and it promotes black people over white people. A lot of people look at laws intended to level the gender playing field, and think that, even if those laws were needed once, they aren’t needed any more …

Ultra-Conservatives pretty much accept that, if a position is open, and a white man, and a black woman apply for it, it’ll go to the black woman – by law.

It really doesn’t matter what the truth of the situation is: for years and years and years the right wing has been playing on the perceptions of these people, and this is the result. They are almost paranoid in their belief that minorities are out to get them. They see virtually everything as a threat to Christianity, a threat to their values, a threat to their families, a threat to their livelihoods – and they simply aren’t able or willing to consider any evidence to the contrary!

They are in precisely the same state of mind as the german populace was in 1930.

In Germany, back then, there was runaway inflation, an economy broken by the vast war reparations of the Treaty of Versailles, shortages of food, no jobs to speak of – in short, a climate of desperation.

Into that climate stepped Adolf Hitler. Charismatic, confident, and pointing at the Jews, the Communists, the Capitalists, the Gypsies as the cause of Germany’s problems.

In their desperation they believed him – and indescribable horror followed soon after. Oh, not all at once, of course. Hitler put the country back to work with massive public works projects. He stimulated  German industry, built up the military … he made Germans proud once more, made them feel like their lives were looking up – made them believe they’d finally found a leader who could get things done! When he began tirades about Jews, he was applauded for saying what was on his mind.

You think it can’t happen in America? Look around – it’s happening. The only substantial difference is, this time, it’s a guy with a silly comb-over, instead of a silly mustache.



~ by dourscot on January 28, 2016.

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