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One benefit of giving up drinking is that you no longer have to worry about hangovers. No more groping your way in agony to the alarm clock, while suppressing the urge to destroy anything making more noise than a caterpillar on velvet. No more dealing with eyeballs that feel like over-sized marbles covered with sand-paper. No more trying to remember whether, at any time in the preceding evening, did I have unnatural sex, spend time with my face in a toilet, proposition a member of another species, or post anything on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site, that might have implicated me in a felony. No more wondering how I got home,  what the hell happened to my pants, or who in god’s name is under the covers of my bed. No more attempting to cover up vomit with a towel, because I’m just not up to actually cleaning it up right then.

Being sober is great! It’s just awesome! It’s the epitome of coolness!

It’s also over, for the moment, because I got drunk last night, and am now, yes, you guessed it, hung-over. Really badly.


Before you start wondering, NO, I am NOT giving up my efforts to defeat this addiction! I’m simply admitting that it, and possibly some of its evil buddies, ambushed me last night, kicked my ass, stole my wallet, and left me for dead – which, by the way, I wish I was, because this is really a freaking MONUMENTAL hangover!

I’m a fairly intelligent guy. Not being vain, here, it’s just a fact:  I have an IQ that’s HIGH during a depressive phase and VERY HIGH during a manic phase. I have (or HAD, prior to developing an alcohol addiction) a nearly photographic memory. I’ve devout, and have a sincere desire to do the right thing (provided it’s not, you know, an excessive amount of effort.) I’m aware that this addiction is just that – a physical and mental dependency on a chemical substance. I am not powerless before alcohol: I chose to buy it, chose to drink it, chose to abuse it, and now am left to choose to leave it behind!

But my head hurts really badly, and I can’t help but be ashamed that I gave in to this yet again …

Also, I can’t find my keys.


~ by dourscot on January 8, 2016.

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