An Open Letter to Humanity


I really don’t understand you people.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you’re evil – merely impossible to understand.

*I don’t understand people whose idea of ‘holiness’ is to kill other people, or beat them,  deprive them of their rights, publicly ridicule them.

*I don’t understand why it’s ok for you to believe what you believe, but it’s not ok for me to believe what I believe.

*I don’t understand who put you in charge of whether or not someone else sins (even if I assume you’re right that it is one.) Gays are people:  what business is it of yours what they do in their bedrooms? What business is it of yours, if they want to get married? Even if what they do is sinful, how is it your place to judge them? Isn’t that God’s job?

*You believe it’s horrible that some Arabs try to kill people who don’t follow Islam – yet you think it’s ok to kill someone whose idea of sexuality is different from yours. Of course some of you feel that killing them is too extreme, but it’s perfectly ok to take away their rights, and treat them like non-people. Wow. Such liberality.

*I don’t understand why everyone hates Israel, and Israel hates everyone right back.

*I don’t understand why the entire middle east has been in a state of conflict for the past 70 years.

*I don’t understand why so many Arabs hate the US – despite never having visited the country, or met any of its citizens.

*I don’t understand why whole groups of terrorists feel that we are their natural target.

*Apart from life and death matters, I don’t understand why so many people walk around with their heads down texting.

*I don’t understand why it’s so urgently important whose football team won.

*I don’t understand why a person’s color, or accent, or culture should make them hated.

*I don’t understand why politicians feel it’s perfectly ok to derail the entire US Government, because there’s a law they don’t like.

*I don’t understand why people vote for such “leaders”, or how they can possibly back them.

*I don’t understand why the GOP openly embraces people who, every time they open their mouths, manage to say something offensive and embarrassing.

*I don’t understand how they can possibly claim the economy is ruined because of Obama, when the ruin began under a Republican president, and Republicans keep throwing monkey-wrenches in, every time it starts to get a little better.

*I don’t understand how they can possibly think it’s a good idea to fuck up the economy of the freaking country and planet, just to make their opponent look bad.

*I don’t understand middle-class people who support such fucking idiots, even when it’s them  that suffer … loss of work, increased taxes, tax-breaks for the wealthy.

*I don’t understand why every single congressman and senator is wealthy, but somehow claims to understand the plight of the poor.

*I don’t understand women who claim to be looking for a nice guy, but typically spurn nice guys by calling them nice guys, as in “You’re a really nice guy, BUT …”

*I don’t understand why the guy they actually seem to prefer is someone who treats them like shit. And they are heartbroken when the guy who treats them like shit dumps them for someone younger and prettier – that’s bizarre as hell!

I don’t understand. I’ve tried for 53 years, and it’s just not happening. Maybe I’m stupid. Maybe I’m an alien.

Or maybe some of  you don’t make any sense. Sorry, but that does seem to be a possibility.


~ by dourscot on October 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “An Open Letter to Humanity”

  1. Incidentally, if it occurs to some of you that I’m making myself out to be superior, you’re dead on right: I AM superior to the idiots who embrace the stupidities I mentioned above.

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