The 4 things the current generation does that bugs the shit out of my generation


My age sometimes troubles me.

I’m 53. When I was much younger, I remember hearing older people talk about “These weird kids, with their drugs, and music, and hair” … I didn’t really fit any of that:  I stayed completely away from drugs, didn’t care for ‘head-music’, and usually wore my hair short.

As a consequence, I didn’t fit in with my own generation, but still was vilified by the older generation – purely, it seems, on account of my age:  a sin that they, too, had been guilty of, at some point!

I promised myself, I would never, ever, ever sound like that. Not ever.

Ok, it would seem that I am forsworn … hereinafter find the 4 things the current generation does that bugs the shit out of my generation!

Dress comes first:  sorry, but it’s the first thing people notice about you – and believe me, my generation wore some stupid shit, too, back in the day!  It was, after all, during my generation that people started wearing jeans with holes worn all through them – and then buying new jeans with holes artificially worn through them!

Still, apart from bikers, most people in my generation had no interest in looking like criminals. So we start with:

1) The ‘Gangsta Look’

You’ve seen it:  young people, white and black, with their trousers halfway down their ass, exposing baggy boxers, lots of chains, and a ball cap pointing at whatever weird angle the wearer decides is most cool … I’ve heard lots of theories about where this look comes from, and the leading contender seems to be young people emulating the look of prisoners in holding cells – belts confiscated to prevent their use as a weapon, or suicide device … so the oversize pants hang down … the loads of chains seem calculated to say “I stole all this shit, and that makes me a mui bad motha!”

As for the hat, no one seems to have a clue.

In any case, the entire ensemble, no matter what statement they mean  for it to make, basically says: “I’m a retarded idiot who’ll follow anyone  with more juice than me, and don’t mind looking like a retarded idiot, if that’ll gain me some of that all-important juice! ‘Cuz juice is cool!”

2) Rap, Gansta Rap, and other forms of irritating ‘music’:

You pull up to a stop light.  There are 3 possibilities:

a) the dude in the next lane is not emitting music,

b) the dude in the next lane has his windows closed and an ominous heavy buzz that sets your teeth on edge, and awakens sympathetic buzzes in your own car, pulses out from it, inflicting misery in every direction,

c) The dude in the next lane has his windows open, the buzz is still present, but it’s a backdrop to lyrics about “smokin’ cops”, “Fuckin’ bitches” , “niggas”, etc …

First and foremost:  fuck up your own hearing all you want – you got no freaking right to fuck up mine!  Second:  if I stood on a street corner and shouted out most of these lyrics, I’d be arrested for inciting people to steal, do drugs, commit murder, rape, etc … So how is it ok to chant these things to a heavy beat? Third:  who the fuck makes a hero out of someone who chants how cool it is to do any of these things??? Fourth, in what way does this qualify as music?  Fifth:  every word it would be offensive for me to say, especially ‘bitch” and “nigga” shows up prominently in these raps – how is it ok to chant them, but not say them?

Worst of all, the tear-in-my-beer country music types, have started blasting their freaking shit out as loud as the rappers! God forbid you be trapped at a light between them!

3) Cell-phones:

I’ve got a cell-phone – pretty much everyone does – but I’m not on the freaking thing 24/7, while sitting in class, walking down the sidewalk, driving, eating, watching a concert, and sitting on the toilet!

I work at a major University. I have actually seen two young women sitting right the fuck next to each other in a café – texting each other! (I was friends with both, and they admitted it, appearing to be in no way embarrassed about it.)

Both were fully in possession of functional mouths and ears.

Parents give grade-school kids cells … recently, kids as young as 10 have been caught sexting, and swapping naked pics.

Worst of all are the ones who feel compelled to talk or text while driving, leading to God knows how many accidents, injuries, and fatalities … and most of the conversations are like “What are you doing?” “Nothing, drive to class. How ’bout you?”


Someone who wasn’t so bored and over-indulged is now dead. So y’all could talk about your boring freaking life.

4) Pedestrian Rudeness:

This is a biggie, here at Olemiss!  Students seem to feel they’re entitled to delay traffic for as long as possible … Case in point:  remember how your mother told you, ritualistically, “Stop at the curb, look both ways, hurry directly across the road!”

Todays moms either don’t say these things anymore, or they say them in the general direction of a kid texting, sexting, or both, and not paying attention!  Kids never even look up from their phones, they just step out into the street, oblivious of the 3000 Lbs of car coming at them, totally enslaved to the laws of physics! If you screech your tires, trying desperately to avoid killing them, more than half will look up from their cells annoyed that you broke their train of thought! Many will flip you off and call you an ass-hole, however faithfully your were abiding by the speed limit!

Many students have been struck … each and every time this has happened, the speed limit has been lowered!  This is an institution of higher learning: one would think that, in the interests of preparing students to venture out into the real world, they’d, I don’t know, admonish students against texting while walking or driving … maybe insist that they cross only at crosswalks … but, no, the administration has told everyone, including the students, that any collision involving a pedestrian, is automatically the fault of the driver of the car!

Wow. That sort of thing is guaranteed to make kids learn to be more responsible.

Perhaps the most annoying example of pedestrian rudeness is this:  the student steps out into the road (texting, or chatting, of course) and takes the longest possible diagonal path across the road!  At first I assumed they were doing it deliberately, to hold up traffic as long as possible – but I was wrong, and the truth is worse:  they’re doing it because it honestly doesn’t occur to them that anyone else matters, or that they’re inconveniencing someone!

Look, there are LOTS of other things that young people do that piss off older people – but frankly these 4 have got me too pissed off to write about the others … mostly, though, that last item shocks, scares, and dismays me:  this generation has been raised to believe that no one matters but themselves – not in the sense that only their generation matter, though that’s there, and it’s bad – but in the sense that each individual member of this generation believe that he or she is the center of the Universe! When you grow up believing  that you are the only one on Earth who matters … wow, that is so incredibly pitiful and wicked at once that it chokes my heart out of me!

This generation very closely matches the profile of a psychopath.

That terrifies me.


~ by dourscot on July 24, 2013.

One Response to “The 4 things the current generation does that bugs the shit out of my generation”

  1. Hahahahaha! I agree with each and every one of them. Oh and I’m 37!!! Crazy.

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