Enough is enough!


I’m a fairly tolerant man.

I am, really – if only because I so hate confrontation, and I recognize that other people are entitled to their opinions …

Except that they aren’t. When their opinions are full of hate, prejudice, racism, sexism, or any number of other isms, enough is fucking ENOUGH!!!!

I’m DONE being tolerant in the hopes that my tolerance might inspire some of the haters to re-evaluate their hate! They won’t;  not ever – not the vast majority of them!  Oh, sure the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future might appear to one or two, who will then wake up demanding to know what day it is, and be astonished that they haven’t missed out on life … hell, it’s possible for a very few that the lord God might send an Angel of Annunciation to inform them that they’ve been assholes all this time, and they need to stop giving Christianity a bad name …

But the vast, overwhelming majority of them are going to remain exactly as they are:  narrow-minded, mean-spirited, convinced that they alone have a mortal lock on Truth, Justice, The American Way, the Nature of God, and the Correctness of their fucking idiotic views!  They’ll claim a mandate from God above to cleanse this nation of Gays, Muslims, people of color, illegal immigrants, pot-smokers, and all other non-Right-Thinking Folk – totally ignoring the eerie similarity between themselves, and the Terrorists they claim to hate so much …

See, the thing is this: people who are convinced that they are right will never even listen to opposing viewpoints … they will never look into their Bibles and see that Christianity is about Love and acceptance, and mutual respect, not intolerance … they will never look at their politics and note that they are only a fraction of the population of this country, and that the opinions and beliefs of other people should be held sacred – as the First Amendment details … They will never stop and consider that allowing Gays to marry does them no freaking harm whatsoever … they will never consider that it’s none of their fucking business what goes on between two consenting adults … it will never occur to them that the “sins” they find so horribly offensive, and a positive threat to all that is holy and good, apparently were not sinful enough for their God to even mention in the big 10! Or for Jesus to mention at all!

I have treated them with love. I have treated them as I wish to be treated. I have turned the other cheek. I have reflected that I do not have all the answers, and that even the attitudes and opinions of haters should be respected …

Fuck that!

Hitler may have been entitled to his Anti-Semitic opinions – but he fucking wasn’t entitled to murder 6 million Jews! The Christian right may be entitled to their opinion that homosexuality is wrong – but they are not entitled to force that opinion on others, enshrine it in law, and violate the rights of people to marry if they choose!  They aren’t required to like black people, women, Hispanics, immigrants, and non-Christians, but they damned well are required to respect their civil rights, and it shouldn’t take a fucking law to guarantee that!

What’s more, they can teach their own children whatever hate-filled, anti-science, goobledegook, they wish, but they have no fucking right to require my children to learn bull-shit, and it should not take a Court to rule between facts that can be verified by anyone able to run the experiments, and opinions that are not in the least degree provable, or even testable!

It’s time for the seriously dysfunctional Republican Party to put their freaking Tea Party colleagues back in the closet, where they belong. It’s time for Democrats to grow a pair of balls and declare with one voice “We aren’t going to stand for this Bull-shit anymore!”

It’s time for Americans to be brave enough to truly make this land the Home of the Free!


~ by dourscot on June 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Enough is enough!”

  1. ‘Murcia.
    I think that people are entitled to their opinions. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them and some of them stink. But you should respect them for what they are – even the hate filled ones.

    I think that the only issue there is when opinions leak over into actions. I have trouble with that.

  2. You’re right, of course … I’d been sitting and talking with someone I considered a friend, even those I deeply disagreed with a lot of his ideas … he finally said the one last thing that I couldn’t stomach! You must understand: I don’t HAVE any friends – none … there’s my room-mate who loves me, but she’ll be getting married soon, and I’ll never see her again, and there was this guy, whom I can no longer tolerate. There comes a time, though, when you have to stand up for what you believe – even if it means making yourself alone in the world. I weep over the necessity, but I cannot change his mind, cannot revise his thinking, and will not listen to any more from him! From there to this post is but a small step …

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