Full Moon


Every once in a while, some over-educated idiot will insist that the full moon plays no part in our emotional lives, and that all evidence to the contrary is just coincidental, and it’s superstition.

I usually ignore such people, given that they obviously are full of shit.

Policemen, ER Doctors, and people with mood disorders will tell you for certain that it’s NOT coincidental, and definitely NOT superstition! Nobody has any idea why it affects us, but it damned well does affect us! For bi-polars, it tends to push us into manic states – even those of us who don’t experience true manic states end up with a way more intense hypomanic state that borders on true mania. Our thoughts race, we can’t sit still, we may talk too fast, or get impatient at the least little delay … or, if we’re already deep in a depression, we might end up in a dysphoric state:  that’s manic and depressed simultaneously … Everyone reacts differently to dysphoria; in my case, it translates to an extremely bad temper … the least little thing can make me angry beyond all bearing – angry enough to smash things to little pieces!

Last night, just as the rapid-cycling was beginning to ease off, I felt the first touch of a truly epic manic phase … as I implied above, I don’t experience true mania: I have generally very mild hypomanic states – most people would just think I maybe had too much coffee. During a full moon, it comes closer to acting like I’m coked up!

There’s no rest. You can’t stay focused on a book, a game, a movie, or even a conversation. You absolutely can’t stay focused on work. And yet, here I am, at work … I have no sick days left, no personal days, and even though my boss has been very sympathetic and understanding, there’s only so much he can do – the state does after all, pay me to be here!


~ by dourscot on April 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “Full Moon”

  1. It is so true that the moon plays a part in mood behavior.

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