It doesn’t make any sense.

I mean, yes, of course it makes no sense – but things are even more non-sensical than they seemed!

No one has claimed responsibility. It’s been nearly a day since the blasts, and still, no terrorist group has claimed the deed. And the nature of the attack doesn’t jibe, either:  terrorists seek to kill as many in the target area as possible … this attack was far more cruel – more personal. As I said earlier, the weapons seemed designed to injure, mutilate, and cripple … only those closest to the blasts were killed …

Was that coincidence? Or cruelly thought-out results? Is it possible that this was not the work of a terrorist group, but that of a single whack-job?

I wouldn’t have believed a single person could plant two such weapons, within a heavily secured perimeter that was periodically swept for bombs – I can only just imagine a guy planting a single charge, but two? A coordinated team could watch for the bomb sweeps, then quickly plant two weapons; a lone crazy would have a far harder time of it! It could be done, I suppose … but it would be very difficult …

There’s a police advisory out to be on the lookout for a dark-skinned man wearing a back-pack who tried to gain access to a restricted area. Lone crazy? Or terror cell member?

The more I learn, the less any of it seems to fit.

The fact that the weapons were placed in areas that had been swept earlier implies that the bomber(s) was watching:  he’d have to know what he was looking for, and be near enough to see it … once the sweep was done, he’d have the opportunity to plant the weapons – but how could he know there wouldn’t be another sweep? Or did they just chance that? Officials have said they’ve been unable to find surveillance video or the bombs being placed – was that good planning? Were the sites chosen for lack of surveillance cams? Again, he’d have to have cased the locations, looking specifically for surveillance systems.

A single individual could do all these things – particularly if he had access to Law Enforcement plans – but he’d have to be very smart, very patient, and very non-suspicious looking …

And what about the venue? The Boston Marathon?  Why there? The 9/11 attacks targeted sites of Economic (the Twin Towers), Military (the Pentagon), and Political (the White House) power … other terrorist attacks have targeted embassies, government buildings, military targets like warships … The Boston Marathon isn’t particularly symbolic of anything terrorists would want to strike!  I can think of all sorts of motives for a single nut-case to hit it, but none that makes sense for terrorists …

Marathoners come from all walks of life – all social and economic classes, and many runners were foreigners, including the ones who crossed the finish-line first. They have the reputation, though, of being mostly wealthy people with plenty of spare time to train … perhaps some nutcase has it in for wealthy people. Or maybe it’s the city, itself he wanted to target – just about the only thing the Boston Marathon is symbolic of, is Boston …

I don’t know. Whoever did it must be caught – but what then? Prison? Lethal Injection? The Gas chamber? This is pretty much the only time I’ve been in favor of Sharia Law – and that thought sickens me!


~ by dourscot on April 16, 2013.

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