Get Ripped!




Like most of the rest of America, I’m too damned fat.

There’s no getting around it: I’ve had a pretty pronounced gut for about the last 20 years.  Two years ago, I made a concerted effort to lose some of it … I started walking first 3, then 6 miles every night … I stopped drinking – and, given that what I drink is Canadian Whiskey and Seven-Up, that was a LOT of calories!  I didn’t do much in the way of exercising, but I drastically cut down on how much I was eating, and began to break my meals up into smaller snacks …

Basically, I did pretty much what’s recommended for older men easing back into fitness.  And it worked! From a high of 257 Lbs, I lost down to 210 in about 3 months …

Where it hit a brick-freaking-wall.

All of a sudden, my body ceased to be impressed with anything I did. Eat less? No freaking change. Walk more? No freaking change!  Nothing I did could get me under 210 – which, given my height of 5’7″ is STILL TOO DAMNED FAT!!!!

Gradually, I stopped making the effort. Fell back into my old patterns of things … I wasn’t eating nearly as much as before, at least I kept that gain, but I started drinking again, and stopped walking. And I hovered between 207 and 212.

I’m starting at it again.  I hate the way I look.  I hate the way I feel.  I hate looking at attractive women and thinking they’re out of my league – worse, I hate the knowledge that with the Blood Pressure meds I’m taking, even if one of them propositioned me, ignoring my ugly gut, it’s entirely unclear if I could actually do anything about it, other than weep at the lost chance!

So I’m setting out to get ripped – and by God, gentle readers, I’m taking you with me!

First with the walking:  need to ease into it, to avoid shin splints and a coronary … but my office is a half-hour walk from home, down a bike trail, so 3 times a week, I’ll leave my car parked, and walk to and from work. When I’ve become more hardened to the walking I’ll be doing more of it, but that’ll be about 5 miles a day, which is a good start.

Next, with the diet. All the things I did before, plus I’m going to give the green coffee bean thing a try.

Finally, exercise:  I did virtually NO calisthenics during my last push, and that has to change … the only way to burn fat is to build up lean muscle … my legs are already pretty well muscled, so it’s time to work on the upper body, then the abs. Nothing fancy:  pushups on my knees, until I’m strong enough to do real push-ups, squats, lunges, and, if I can find a bar, chin-ups. I’ll alternate exercise days with days of dumbbell training, again, focused on the arms and pecs.

The first goal weight 1s 195:  far enough below my current 210, that it’s not an aberration, but attainable.

The next goal weight is more ambitious:  170 Lbs. It’ll be very hard, but, if I can build muscle enough, I can make it – and by the time I get there, my upper body should be getting pretty freaking muscular!  It was at 170 Lbs, that I began to have to take Blood Pressure meds … hopefully, if I can get down to that level, I can go off the meds, or at least reduce the dosage. (And maybe even start having sex again!)

The final goal weight is 145 Lbs. If I can lose down to this, I should be at about my ideal weight – and the gut will be gone:  maybe not replaced by a six-pack, but I should be flat-bellied, again, which is the whole point of this exercise!

I started a week ago;  I checked the scale at the start (208.5), but won’t check it again till another week is past: checking scales daily, just adds emotional stress, which tends to build up belly fat …


~ by dourscot on March 14, 2013.

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