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I usually don’t do two Blog posts in a day, but, as I mentioned in the last one, some stuff is going on, and one of the better ways I have of dealing with things is to write … it usually helps to write about what’s bothering me, but I’ve already said all that can be said on that score, and thinking about it more will just make me that much crazier, and believe me, I’m crazy enough already!

I am becoming increasingly aware of my wants. I’ve never had a lot of money, but then, I never had much to do with it … I’m content with a pretty simple existence – but I’m beginning to really hate working!

It’s the computers. The one’s I’m supposed to fix. They crouch under people’s desks like little trolls, waiting to make people regret coming to the office. Many techies think there will be self-aware computers, eventually – I happen to know it’s already happened, possibly more than once! I was working on a laptop, when suddenly it blue-screened, and flashed the error message “In order to prevent further damage to your computer, Windows has been shut down” …

To me, that meant the machine had become self-aware enough to know it was running a Microsoft Operating System – at which point it offed itself in despair.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Microsoft hasn’t been burned to the ground in outrage … so many people work on windows computers, and seem to have no freaking clue that their lives could actually be happier and more productive if they just took a freaking sledge-hammer to the thing!

Typically, a windows user will turn on the computer, then have to wait several minutes, before the desktop will appear, then have to wait several more minutes before they can actually click on anything, or do anything useful. Most of the time, the first useful thing a person can actually do on a PC is to start turning off the crap that automatically starts itself up … and then the machine will start demanding updates:  updates to the browser, updates to Adobe Acrobat,  updates to anti-virus software and updates to the OS – and then it all starts again, because, now that you’re using the most up-to-date OS, you have to have the most up-to-date everything else …

You open a web browser, and it immediately wants to update itself, then update Flash-player, then update it’s plugins, then it will finally allow you to go to  a web-site where, before you can get anything done, a window will pop-up asking you to take a survey on how well you enjoyed the web-site they haven’t actually allowed you to use, yet …

People deal with this sort of shit all day long, then try to turn the computer off, only to find that it’s downloading yet more updates, and there’s a message on the screen commanding them to NOT shut the computer down, or in any way bother it, because it’s updating itself … if the computer is a laptop, and you have to take it with you, you’re fucked, because, no matter how late you are, or how urgently you have to go, you can’t unplug it, turn it off, or even close the lid, for fear of fucking up the OS!

Seriously. There’s a better way. Yes, I’m referring to Macintoshes.

Push the button. The desktop is up, and you can immediately click things and get to work right away. Takes less than a minute, on even the oldest and slowest Macs.  They’ve been really catching on, after Microsoft screwed themselves over with Vista, and I’m afraid a lot of programmers have switched over, because lately a lot of very PC-like bullshit has been happening:  the Mac has begun to ask for updates, too, but at least it’s polite about it, and you can ALWAYS tell the machine to do it later!

And yet, however nice the MacOS is, some people will freaking INSIST on staying with the crappy windows machine that they regularly curse about … worse, they’ll fuck up their windows box and call ME to come fix it.

Look, I’ll just come out and say it:  I would rather be circumcised with a chain-saw, by a blood-dripping maniac, than try to fix even the simplest of problems on a Windows machine – and the machines know it! They’ve begun plotting against me. Conspiring to trap me in a nightmare of unintelligible error messages, idiotic blue screens, endless progress bars that never seem to progress …

The prospect of continuing to do this until I can afford to retire just makes me physically ill.

I have become a frequent visitor to the publisher’s clearinghouse web-site.


~ by dourscot on March 5, 2013.

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