It’s my personal opinion that a significant segment of the American population has gone ’round the bend.

I have a mental disorder, so I don’t use terms like ‘kook’, ‘whack-job’, and ‘nut-bar’  lightly – but such people do exist, and always have. I’m not referring to schizophrenics who are certain the CIA is plotting against them and has implanted tracking devices in their bodies, and receivers in their brains – those people have an identifiable illness, and often get better with the help of anti-psychotics.  The people I’m referring to are much more frightening:  they hold similar beliefs without any identifiable illness, and probably would not get any better with medication! The ‘Contactees’ of the 1950’s are a fair example: these were folks who, in the wake of the first speculations about UFOs, declared … well, read the plaque pictured above.

I’m not actually referring to the leaders of such cults:  it’s clear that some of them may have been untreated schizoids, but a great many can reasonably be supposed to have made the stuff up in a conscious and deliberate attempt to garner a following, become important (if only to a few whackos) or make money off of gullible people.  The people who disturb me the most are the people who can be convinced to follow such leaders! Manson’s ‘Family’, the Contactee’s followers, the Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate cultists, Jim Jones’ Congregation, not to mention the Church of Scientology, to name only some of the more famous groups.

Look, it’s not a matter of simply horn-swoggling a few gullible people desperate to believe in something:  who is so very, very desperate to believe that they’re willing to undergo castration, daily enemas, and suicide, in order to progress to a higher evolutionary state by sending their souls forth to snag a ride on an Alien Spacecraft invisibly trailing Comet Hale-Bopp? (Each soul being equipped with a $5 Bill and exactly 3 quarters – which was found on each of 39 bodies in the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide!)

A lot has been written about the cult mind-set, and programming through indoctrination, and it’s true that nearly every group mentioned started out with a milder belief set which gradually became more extreme … it’s not hard to imagine people accepting things gradually that they probably wouldn’t have accepted if they’d been presented with it all up-front – still, about the time someone mentioned doing cyanide-laced Kool-aid, or Phenobarbital with vodka chasers followed by going to sleep with a plastic bag over my face, I like to think some part of me would suddenly wake up and go “Wow. Maybe this isn’t really my thing? Maybe I should go back to the Southern Baptists …”

::: shudder ::: Ok, that’s replacing one extreme with another, but you see my point, right?

And then there are the other groups. The groups who break down humanity into two sets: ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ …

You know: ‘Them’, the puppets being manipulated by the Biltberger Club, and their allies the Skull and Bones Society, both of whom are under the shadowy direction of the Illuminati to create the New World Order, of which the United Nations is the first overt face, designed to draw attention away from the real truth that the space aliens who originally engineered the human genome to produce creatures ideally suited to slave labor in the Andromeda Galaxy, to which, one day, the entire planet will be transported via inter-dimensional travel, as previously happened to both Mars and Venus, when their entire populations were enslaved, and the planets themselves devastated to the point of uninhabitability, before being returned to their orbits here in this solar system, where the only remaining proof is the Great Face on Mars, and certain artifacts recovered by missions to the Moon which were made to look like they were faked so we’d accept that the US just wanted to fake getting to the Moon first to embarrass the Russians, rather than becoming aware that we actually did go to the Moon, but it wasn’t for moon rocks, but for alien artifacts which, instead of being used to defend the world from the Gray Aliens (who are, themselves, slaves of the tall, thin, spindly Aliens,) are being used instead in petty squabbles between nations and to mentally control key members of society, like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, who are secretly allied so that one of them will inevitably be positioned in the White House, where they can pursue the goals of the Alpha Centaurians, otherwise known as Black-Eyed-Kids, who wish to thwart the Andromedans, and use the Human race for their own, almost certainly nefarious, purposes …

Ok, apart from being the longest sentence I’ve ever written in my life, it’s also the scariest, in that there actually ARE people who believe most of that mountain of Bull-shit, albeit in smaller chunks and maybe not all in one vast sentence …

And I have to share a planet with such people. Shit.



~ by dourscot on October 16, 2012.

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