Fundamental Truths

It’s the 11th of September, and, like many, I find myself reflecting on the terrorist attacks that made this date infamous.

I think of the waste of lives, the misery of survivors, the hateful stupidity of the perpetrators, and the war still being waged in consequence.

My most disturbing thoughts, though, center on the huge number of Americans who claim to be against terrorists, their tactics, and their extremist beliefs – and yet emulate the jihadist’s mindset!

I’m not referring to practitioners of Islam living here:  I’m talking about people who claim to be Christians – not just claim it, but boast of it – while spouting hate at anyone who doesn’t conform to their notion of morality.

Homophobes. Racists. Intolerant Fundamentalists. People who swear that they love America, but consistently treat other Americans with hatred and contempt.  People who spout patriotic slogans, and claim to honor the Constitution, but can’t seem to abide by the First Amendment, even while enjoying its protection. 

And they don’t see it. They see themselves as models of religious faith, and crusaders against immorality – just exactly the same as the people who flew airplanes into buildings a decade ago.

I don’t understand, and no one has been able to explain it to me. Look, let’s say their take on religion is superior to mine … let’s say, for the sake of argument, that they do live a purer, more moral existence than I do … let’s even go so far as to say that they will be carried up into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Lord, while I am certain to be damned for all eternity …

Granting all those things, someone please tell me, what the fuck business is it of theirs how I live my life???

Does God demand that they intervene in other people’s lives? In which of the Gospels did Jesus Christ insist that his followers persecute people of other faiths, other skin-tones, other  persuasions? How, (literally) in the name of God, did “Love one another … ” get transmuted into “… except faggots, and niggers, and jews”????

In point of fact, Jesus is known to have lost his temper only twice:  once when faced with the avarice of the Temple money-changers, and once when taunted by Pharisees.  The latter incident is worth taking a really close look at, because Jesus said some pretty nasty things about Pharisees, and he said them to their faces.  Gentle Jesus, meek and mild, who refused to condemn the Romans, who enjoined his followers against even calling another person a fool, who numbered tax-collectors, whores, and the formerly demon-possessed among his followers, absolutely spit venom at the Pharisees – so who were these people, and why would the Lamb of God find them so disgusting???

The name comes from a hebrew term meaning “set apart”.  They were a sect of Judaism that preached very strict adherence to religious law and practices. Very strict. They also acted as a political party, advocating strict adherence for everyone. They were known to make a great show of their ‘righteousness’, praying loudly on street-corners, pointing at their own practices as ‘holy’, and the practices of everyone else, including Jesus, as ‘sinful’. They are the ones who dragged a woman ‘caught in the very act’ of adultery before Jesus, with a demand that she be stoned to death (somehow without managing to drag forward the man who absolutely must have been a partner to the crime).

In short, the only group of people that Jesus Christ is known to have thought badly of were holier-than-thou religious fundamentalists with a taste for dramatics and politics who were constantly pointing the finger at other people’s ‘sins’.

Hmmm … who do we know that fits that description?


~ by dourscot on September 11, 2012.

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  1. You are somewhat right. All the best.

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