Ok, well, my last blog post brought out the predictable idiot, so let’s just set some ground rules for the future, hopefully, it’ll save everyone some time:

– If you’re convinced that YOUR viewpoint is the only valid one, go someplace else.

– If you’re convinced that you are saved, and I’m not, preach to someone else

– If you’re certain that everyone who doesn’t share your specific beliefs and practices is damned, go be with your own kind – you can happily agree with one another (by the way, that is PRECISELY the attitude of the people who flew airplanes into buildings – or hadn’t you thought of that?)

I welcome discussion. I do NOT welcome comments that begin with the assumption that nothing I have to say is valid, and EVERYTHING you have to say should be treated as gospel. Again, go find a mirror and worship yourself. Leave ME out of it.

Clear enough?


~ by dourscot on July 22, 2011.

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