I read Tarot.

I’m not a flake, ok?  I don’t believe I have special mystical powers, I don’t believe the cards themselves are “magical”, and I certainly don’t use it to make decisions, or foretell the future … that’s not what Tarot is good for.  It’s a tool for meditation, rather:  it causes you to examine your life in ways that you might otherwise not, and to consider the character and motivations of those who contribute to your life…

I’m also a devout Christian – something that some people feel is impossible if I involve myself with Tarot, Astrology, or other aspects of the Occult.

Apart from the ones that claim Tarot is inherently evil (aka ‘idiots’), there are some valid objections to such things:  if you just shuffle and lay out the cards, it’s like using a Ouija board – you leave ANY entity free to manipulate the cards,  and that constitutes issuing an invitation to beings that no sane person should want influencing their life, thoughts, plans, etc…

Yes, I’m referring to demons. Like I said, I’m a Christian: that requires faith in God, Jesus, Angels, and Demons – Jesus referred to them all the time, spoke to several, cast them out, and generally made it perfectly clear that HE believed in them.  The point is, these creatures have LIMITS – and dabbling in the occult is one way that a person can invite them to step around those limits…

So how can I use the Tarot, and call myself a Christian?  Simple:  I practice Tarot AS a Christian!

Look, it’s like this:  the 78 cards of a Tarot deck have very specific, agreed-upon meanings – one for when the card is dealt upright, and another for when it’s dealt reversed … in effect, they constitute answers … a Tarot reading is done by laying out the cards in a specific pattern, called a spread, each position of which is, in effect, a question … so, put the answers with the questions, and you have a reading.

I practice Tarot as a Christian by praying during the whole process that God use the cards to instruct and guide me, and I include a plea that no unclean spirit be allowed to influence the reading. I also include a request that the cards mirror only God’s will, or utter nonsense (believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to tell the difference!)

There is nothing wrong with asking God for guidance – indeed, all Christians are expected to ask for guidance, and follow that guidance as best they can. Nor is there anything wrong in asking for specific signs:  the Bible is replete with such things, from Gideon’s sheep-skin, to John the Baptist’s father demanding that Gabriel produce some sort of PROOF that his very old wife would conceive (much to his chagrin, the angry angel GAVE him a sign, causing him to be mute till his son was born)…

Tarot is no different:  it merely provides a very precise means for God to provide instruction and guidance – provided it is to GOD that you address the request for guidance … where many Tarot readers put themselves in danger is leaving ANYTHING free to provide the answers!


~ by dourscot on July 22, 2011.

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