It’s 2011 and everyone is supposed to have a blog. Gamers blog about their games, scientists blog about how awesome their own work is, and how trivial, unimaginative, idiotic, etc, is the work of other scientists competing for the same grant money. Lovers blog about how wonderful it is to be in love, then post ridiculously long blogs about the people they love, and how funny/endearing their little flaws can be, then later post blogs detailing their increasing irritation at those same little flaws, and eventually post blogs about how they absolutely can’t stand those flaws for even one more second, and finally end up posting bitter and/or tearful blogs about how much it hurts to be out of love.  Toothless inbred rednecks living in shacks deep in the woods post badly misspelled blogs from their smart-phones about how no one should have to pay taxes, but the military must be huge enough to guarantee the freedoms of each and every white Christian heterosexual gun owner. Meanwhile cosmopolitan liberals post thoughtful, well-phrased blogs about how badly Conservatives suck, how essential it is to find a cure for AIDS, and how the two problems may somehow be linked…

A friend posted a remark on Facebook, today, on how much she wants to blog, but is unsure what it’s theme would be, and she worries that no one will read her blog, or find it exciting.

Another friend advocates tweeting over blogging, apparently  embracing the virtues of brevity and immediacy, and announcing one’s precise position to the entire universe: “at starbucks, wishing u were here 2!” … this same friend somewhat shame-facedly confessed to me that she once carried out a protracted discussion, via the Facebook app on her Android, with another friend of hers seated less than a foot away…

I actually intended to blog about something else, entirely, but have been swept up in a wave of self-loathing: surely I should be able to find something to blog about other than how idiotic blogging can be!



~ by dourscot on July 21, 2011.

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